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New Game - Writer Man 5

2017-04-25 09:35:46 by FIL1994

New Game - Writer Man 5

Writer Man 5 is out now.

Check it out here:

Writer Man 4 Released

2017-02-09 10:05:46 by FIL1994

Writer Man 4 Released

Writer Man 4 has finally been released. You can play it here:


Writer Man 4

2016-04-27 23:26:42 by FIL1994

Writer Man 4

It's finally happening. Writer Man 4 is in development.

Writer Man 4 will have a cleaner UI and faster load times then the previous entries in the series.

It will also include publishers.

The game is made with Materialize CSS, HTML5, and javascript.


Kiwi.js, Perilous Journey 2 and Writer Man 4

2016-04-25 15:36:49 by FIL1994

Kiwi.js, Perilous Journey 2 and Writer Man 4

After using ActionScript 3 and Flash for the Perilous Journey series, I am switching to HTML5 and javascript.

I'm working on another game using the Kiwi.js game engine.

Since some people had issues playing Perilous Journey 2, I'm considering porting it to Kiwi.js.

Writer Man 4 is now under development. It uses HTML5 and javascript, but not Kiwi.

Perilous Journey 2

2016-04-13 12:17:39 by FIL1994

Perilous Journey 2


I've been working on a sequel to Perilous Journey for a few months now.

I'm happy to say that it's finally finished.

Perilous Journey 2 will be released tonight.








Perilous Journey 2 Update

2016-03-12 16:38:21 by FIL1994

Perilous Journey 2 Update

Perilous Journey 2 is still under development. I've been busy with some other things so I had to put it on hold for awhile. I'm currently working on the ship upgrades. I've made a bunch of different enemies, however, you only see a few in the first level.


If you have any feedback about the game please comment here or send me a PM.

Upcoming featues:

  • levels 6-10
  • improved UI
  • more enemies/bosses

You can play the game here:

Here are some more pictures of the game:





Upcoming Games

2015-12-28 11:45:06 by FIL1994

Upcoming Games

I had a lot of fun making Perilous Journey so I'm am making a sequel to it. RSC is a big project and I want more experience before I keep developing it. I also have another game under development. Its called Psycho Car. In Psycho Car you drive around destroying all the objects in the level.

I was previously making all my games with Unity. I tried using Flash and made Perilous Journey. Flash seems to be a better format for the Writer Man series so the fourth game will be made in Flash.


Upcoming games:

  • Perilous Journey 2 - Flash Punk
  • Psycho Car - Unity
  • Writer Man 4 - Flash Punk
  • Red Sword Chronicles: Part One - Unity


Here are some screen shots of Perilous Journey 2:



Red Sword Chronicles: Part 1 -  0.1.12 Alpha

A new build of RSC is available.

Upcoming features:

- enemy attack animations
- gravity on enemies
- obvious caves (with spikes and stuff)
- low, medium, high quality settings (the default will be medium)
- settings/pause menu

You can play it here:


Red Sword Chronicles: Part 1 - Alpha

An alpha build of RSC is now availble.

You can play it here:


3D Sword Game

2015-10-26 14:24:16 by FIL1994

3D Sword Game

I am working on a 3d game now. It will be a game where you get quests and upgrade your skills.


I plan on adding:

  • more enemies
  • quests
  • HUD/UI
  • more scenes
  • audio
  • title screen


You can play the beta here: